Ankom F58 filterbags 100 stuks

The F58 filter bag is mainly designed for customers working with small grind size samples (0.5 – 1.0 mm screens) to support NIR analysis and some samples known for significant pulverization during grinding, regardless of screen size.
The porosity of the F58 filter bags are finer than the F57 but have increased flow capacity because of the type of polymer used to make the filter matrix.
The F58 will allow better flow of chemicals to the sample and reduce artificially high values due to clumping caused by some sample types.
Use for crude fiber and neutral detergent fiber analysis.
Acid detergent fiber analysis has shown some limited failures in the seal strength of the side seals of the F58 bag.
The present production process appears to have solved seal issues under acid detergent solutions, however, further testing is required to ensure 100% bag seal integrity.
The F58 filter media contains nitrogen and will not resist 72% H2SO4 so lignin and protein analysis is not possible.
€ 200,00 (ex. BTW) L32F58/WS
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