Ankom RF Gas Production Test Systeem

Wireless Gas Production Measurement / Modular and Expandable (up to 50 modules per set) / High sensitivity pressure measurement / Remotely control pressure release / Data interface with Excel for graphing / Gas sampling capability

Applicatios: Easily measure kinetics of microbial metabolism  / Measure the biodegradability of a substance / Measure Yeast Activity

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Ankom RF Gas Production Base Kit - gasproductie testsysteem

The ANKOMRFGas Production System provides an easy to use method for monitoring and measuring gas production.

The system consists of sample bottles in 250ml, 500ml or 1000ml sizes, RF pressure sensor modules, a "zero Remote" that measures ambient pressure, a computer interface base coordinator and operational software that can be used with any PC using a Windows XP or Vista based operating system.

Samples and microbes (or other fermentation sources) are placed in the bottles; the RF sensor module is attached and placed in an incubator.

The pressure of each bottle can be measured at user selected time intervals.

Pressure measurements are recorded on a standard Excel spreadsheet and gas production curves can be generated by the users.

Pressure can be outputted in psi or bar. Any application requiring the monitoring of gas production or vacuum (BOD) can be supported.

The system has been used in ruminate studies, yeast activity, biogas production measurements, fermentation of organic materials and methods for examination of biodegradability of a substance.

Each module supports gas sampling and optional liquid sampling during the process. In Europe the system has been successfully used for VDI 4630 - Fermentation of organic materials - Characterisation of the substrate, sampling, collection of material data, fermentation tests and DIN 38414-S8 Fermentations tests (GB21) - Method for examination of the biodegradability of a substance.

LOW Cost Entry Base Starters Kit:

- Includes five gas production modules (ID RF1) with rechargeable batteries and sample bottles, a remote zero, system software, Base Coordinator with USB cable, Ten Station Battery charger and a valve cleaning kit.
- You Choose the Bottle Size: When ordering specify 250ml, 500ml or 1000ml bottle size.
Click here to see the pdf file with the module design.

Published Papers and Reports

VH-Berlin Comparison with Risograph
VH-Berlin Dough Rising Power Comparison
University of Rostock Germany - Development of a test for Realistic Assessment of Biology of Fermentation of NaWaRo-biogas Plants

You Tube video Ankom RF gas production measurement system

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