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van der heijden labortechnik

Van der Heijden custom made koelers & chillers

  • Koelthermostaten, chiller, chillers, water-water koelers & custom made uitvoeringen
  • In te zetten als inhouse koelsysteem niet voldoet voor apparatuur
  • Voorkomt warmteontwikkeling in opgestelde ruimte
  • Ideale warmteuitwisseling en laag geluidsniveau
  • Voor koeling van bijv. NMR of andere apparatuur
  • Uitvoeringen tot 70 kW mogelijk
  • Ook gesplitste opstellingen of watergekoelde compressoren mogelijk
  • Referenties op aanvraag


Van der Heijden Cool-Care

Van der Heijden standard chillers webshop

Van der Heijden-Labortechnik GmbH can offer 39 standard models of the KÜHLMOBIL with cooling capacities between 180 watt and 40 kW.


Van der Heijden Labotechnik koelers

There are many more variations with higher cooling capacity. Almost all of these can be classified according to the following characteristics:

  1. - Cooler versus air (principle car-cooler)
  2. - Cooler with compressor and air-cooled condenser (waste air will given up into the room)
  3. - Cooler with compressor and water-cooled condenser (no waste air in the room)
  4. - Coolers with compressor & air-cooled condenser with a split design (waste air & noise will be not in the room)
  5. - All cooler variations as circulating cooler without tank
  6. - Water-water cooler, e.g. system separator without cooling aggregate
  7. - Cooler as a rack insert in laboratory furnishing (G 9408595.1 and G9114652.6)
  8. - Similar to itm 3, but using opposite principle (DE 4206020C1)
  9. - Miniature cooler but with optional installed vaccum pump and regulator, especially for rotary evaporators (Cool-vacuum-devices)
  10. - Items 1-9 designed for other types of current

This product range is complemented by a wide selection of options (variations and recommended accessories for the KÜHLMOBIL, e.g. PVC tubing, remote control, bypass, multible distributor, etc.


Van der Heijden Water-water cooler

Water-water cooler from 1 kW up to 15 kW power. Water-water coolers from Van der Heijden-Labortechnik GmbH are available in the same performance versions as the standard KÜHLMOBIL. All the models are specially designed for the existing water circuits and can be supplied with outputs up to 150 kW.

The standard models are all fitted with bypass, manometer and sensor to monitor the flow. The unit switches of if any kind of fault occurs. Temperature control is on the secondary circuit. A motorised valve on the primary circuit automatically regulates the water volume. The stepped motor operates in fine stages to ensure a highly consistent temperature. Photo shows water-water cooler from 1 kW up to 15 kW power.

Today, many institutes already have their own cooling water supply. This cooling water is generally too cold to cool a laser or an electronical microscope or the water quality may be of a poor quality. As a system separator, the KÜHLMOBIL offers the ideal solution for such problems and has very small dimensions. It operates without a compressor and consequently without any refrigerant – only the feed pump requires energy, as the refrigerant output uses the domestic water system. The purchasing price of such a device is far below those of a compressorcooled device.

This appliance works with a 3- way motor valve. Due to the analogue steering signals (0-10 V) the constant temperatures will be reached and source of disturbances will be balanced. The variant is also available with a motorised valve, controlled via a microprocessor-controlled PID regulator. This version can be delivered with a full-way valve as motor valve, if a 3-way valve is not required.


Special purpose solutions Our Technology - Your Advantage

Outside our standard range, every cooler is produced in accordance with the customer’s own requirements.Our special string is in the area of custom work! Our program encompasses air-cooled models as well as water-cooled models, with or without active refrigeration units, as a split version or as a portable, complete unit.

Do you have special voltages or different frequencies? We will adapt the cooler to these for you. Do you have cooling water in the labor-atory or building and would like to use it? Then have a look at our system-separators.

Flexible to use

Our devices have diversified uses. This starts with 180 watt mini units. 
These are suitable for HPLC, peltier-elements, micro-rotis or to cool soxhlet devices, but also for electrophoresis or to cool analytic instruments such as AAS, ICP mass spectrometers, x-ray diffractometers and even electron microscopes and many others appliances. System-separators can supply whole laboratories.



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