VLM blokthermostaten & indampblokken

Bekijk alle VLM producten in onze webshopVLM GmBH staat bekend om de blokthermostaten & indampblokken van hoge kwaliteit.

Het aanbod van VLM op onze webshop bestaat uit:

  • Blokthermostaten & inzetblokken
  • Indampblok voor verwarmen van monstermaterialen onder stikstof


VLM blokthermostaten  VLM indampblokken
blokthermostaten indampblokken


Metal Block Thermostats

Precision and convenience

VLM offers a wide range of metal block thermostats for applications in analytical laboratories, life science laboratories and various industrial applications. In addition to the range of standard equipment with interchangeable and fixed heating blocks VLM is also specialized in taylor made thermostats according to specefic customer requirements. A feature worth mentioning is a self-calibrating controller which does need human assistance to recalibrate himself from time to time.

Customers may fully rely on the quality of our products due to the advanced product design, carefully chosen parts and components and duly controlled production and test process.



A Cost Effective and Flexible Solution

When a larger number of samples must be processed the VLM evaporators are an inexpensive alternative to rotary evaporators and concentrators.  The evaporation of the solvent is accelerated by gassing with nitrogen which is a very gentle method for oxidation sensitive samples. The built in metal block thermostats are used to compensate for evaporation by maintaining the constant temperature of the system.

The evaporator system is equipped either with a motorized lift or with the evaporator unit with a manually height-adjustable stand. Further the part of the system is the gas dosing unit and the metal block thermostat QA, EC, LS or VIS. This image shows the version of evaportaor with a telescopic lift where the replacement of the heating blocks or samples is very convenient.

When turning the gas dosing unit of EVA-lift 180° the stainless steel needles or Pasteur pipettes (adapter plate required) can be easily inserted from above into the silicone mounts. In case of the manual version of this evaporator the complete gas dosing unit can be removed and stainless steel needles can be inserted from above as well.

As accessories VLM offers cabinets which can be connected to the laboratory ventilation system. Furthermore it is possible to pulse the flow of nitrogen and to switch off the gas dosing after a preselected time.

Specifications subject to change.

A Typical Evaporator System Consists of:

  • Evaporator with gas dosing unit and the motorized lift or simple stand unit
  • EC heating tank thermostat for removable heating blocks, max. operating temperature 130°C or 210°C.
  • 1 heating block for 48, 24 or 16 standard test tubes Ø 16 mm, slot depth 65 mm
  • 48, 24 or 16 stainless steel needles coated with PVDF (optional) Microtiter plates: 96 tips
  • PU hose with adapter for connecting to the gas fittings
  • Optional adapter plate for use with Pasteur pipettes or pipette tips (optional)
  • Optional gas pressure regulator with gauge
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