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Bohlender webshopVandaag de dag ontwikkelt, ontwerpt en produceert Bohlender GmbH uit verschillende hoogwaardige kunststoffen professionele laboratoriumapparatuur.


In 1997 volgt het startsein voor een nieuwe productielijn: exsiccatoren en droogkasten gemaakt van acrylglas voor begassing, drogen en opslag van gevoelige stoffen en voorwerpen. Nu gefabriceerd en verkocht onder de merknaam SICCO.



Bohlender standaard Sicco exsiccatorkast Bohlender Sicco vacuum exsiccatorkast  Bohlender Sicco handschoenkasten - gloveboxen
exsiccatorkasten vacuum exsiccatoren handschoenkasten - gloveboxen


BOHLENDER, Gruensfeld – a family-owned, internationally successful company

Founded in 1959 by Hermann Bohlender as a precision turnery, the company produces in 1972 its first turned part made of PTFE (familiarly known as Teflon by DuPont).  A milestone in the company´s history!

Nowadays, BOHLENDER develops, designs and manufactures professional high-performance labware like stirrer shafts, stirring bars, tubes, stopcocks and temperature probes, known as high-quality BOLA products, for labs worldwide.

In 1997, managing director Volker Bohlender launches a new production line: Desiccators and drying cabinets of acryl glass for gas-filling, drying and storage of sensitive substances and elements. Today produced and distributed within the brand name SICCO.


With its product brands BOLA and SICCO, the Bohlender GmbH became an internationally successful, medium-sized enterprise with currently about 60 employees at the head office in Gruensfeld.


SICCO Electronic Dehumidification System

How it works:

The essential components of the drying unit are dustless, colour-changing desiccant beads and two fans.

The automatic dehumidification and desiccant regeneration cycle operates continuously every 20 minutes as follows:

The circulating fan draws for 14 minutes interior chamber air across the desiccant and thus dehumidifies the chamber. During this phase, the one-way flap valves are open to the interior of the desiccator and closed to the exterior.

Afterwards the cirulating fan is stopped and the desiccant is heated electronically to initiate its regeneration. After one minute, the regeneration fan starts to operate and draws air in an opposite direction to the first fan. Due to the air flow,the one-way flap valves to the interior of the chamber are closed and the valves to the exterior environment are open. The desiccant is heated for another four minutes to release the captured moisture to the ambient air.

At the end of the cycle, the circulating fan operates for one minute with ambient air to cool down the desiccant to the ambient temperature. Then the cycle starts again.

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