ANKOM vezelanalyzers & gas productie testsystemen


ANKOM produceert verschillende soorten analyse apparatuur: vetbepaling apparatuur bestaande uit hydrolyse en extractie met filter bag technologie,  ADF/NDF/CF vezelanalyzers, voedingsvezel analyser en gasproductie testsystemen.  Ankom


Ankom A200 vezelanalyser details Ankom A2000 vezelanalyser details Ankom TDF voedingsvezelanalyzer details   Ankom RFS gasproductie testsysteem details
A200 & A2000 ADF/NDF/CF vezelanalyzers TDF voedingsvezalanalyser RFS gasproductie testsysteem


Ankom HCl hydrolyse unit details Ankom XT10 vet ectractor details Ankom XT15 extraction unit details  Daisy incubator details
Zure Hydrolyse XT10 extractor XT15 extractor Daisy incubator



The ANKOM mission

  • To develop, manufacture and market analytical instrumentation and support products for use in laboratory analysis of food and feed products.
  • To compete in those markets that can benefit from ANKOM Technology's product offerings.
  • To provide technological solutions that enhance the determination of nutritional components in agricultural and dietary products.
  • To expand our portfolio in areas related to our core competencies.
  • To use our position to help those in need.
  • To provide a visible witness for Jesus Christ in all that we do.

ANKOM Technology is "Helping to Feed the World" with Innovative Analytical Instruments.


Our Vision

ANKOM Technology is a team of people that desire excellence. We develop products with the goal of Total Customer Satisfaction. That means our product development process includes an understanding of our customer's needs for product functionality, quality and service after sales

Our Operating Values

  • Commitment to Quality
  • Total Customer Satisfaction
  • Innovation
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Value of Life and the Individual


Does ANKOM Technology have a product to fit your needs?

  • Do you currently analyze foods (meats, snack foods, baked goods etc.), feeds and/or forages?
  • Do you desire to analyze foods, feed and/or forages?
  • Do you need to determine dietary fiber content (soluble/non-soluble, TDF)?
  • Does your laboratory use digestion systems such as Labcono®, Fibertec® or conventional glassware?
  • Do you analyze feedstuffs for ADF, NDF, Crude Fiber or Lignin?
  • Do you utilize a forage digestion process along with crucible filtration?
  • Are you performing Soxhlet type extractions?
  • Are you trying to reduce or eliminate solvent usage?
  • Are you trying to increase employee output and reduce technician variability?
  • Are you trying to keep capital expenditures down?


Ankom bedrijspresentatie video

Dijkstra Vereenigde ANKOM 200 Fiber Analyzer 

Dijkstra Vereenigde ANKOM 2000 Automated Fiber Analyzer

Dijkstra Vereenigde Ankom Automated Dietary Fiber Analysis 

Dijkstra Vereenigde ANKOM RF gas production measurement system 

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