Certoclav laboratorium autoclaven & snelkookpannen

Alle Certoclav producten in onze webshopCertoclav GmbH uit Zwitserand levert verschillende autocalven & toebehoren voor gebruik op laboratoriumschaal.


  • Sterilisatie van vloeistoffen, vaste stoffen & afval
  • Opties geschikt voor de meest complexe toepassingen in het lab

Certoclav tafelautoclaven 12 & 22 liter

  • Tabletop autoclaven 
  • Uitvoeringen met vacuüm, snelkoeling enz.
  • CE-gecertificeerd

Certoclav tafelautoclaven / snelkookpannen 12 & 18 liter

  • Tabletop autoclaven & snelkookpannen
  • Veilig & eenvoudig in gebruik
  • GS-Kennzeichen DIN & VDE/IEC (EN61010:1:2001 / 61010:2:040:2005)  
  • CE-gecertificeerd


Certoclav autoclaaf / snelkookpan Certoclav tafelautoclaven
autoclaaf / snelkookpan tafelautoclaven



Reliable and safe steam autoclave - CertoClav Sterilizer GmbH

CertoClav table top autoclaves are designed for professional laboratory use. Their conception is adapted to perform sterilization as well as other treatments by the means of saturated steam under pressure. Professionnals of many sectors use these autoclaves to accomplish numerous daily tasks: sterilization of instruments, sterilization of liquids and waste material, preparation of culture media in microbiology, infusions in pharmacy, quality control in food industry, standardized tests in materials testing laboratories, research and education.

Portable autoclaves produced by CertoClav are quickly operational and the compact aspect of these steam sterilizers helps to optimize space on laboratory benches. The volume of the sterilization chamber is increased by the vertical design of autoclave.

The CertoSecure security system with multiple pressure valves prevents the steam sterilizers from opening when under pressure. All models of CertoClav autoclaves comply with European standards (CE marking).


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